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Partridge Family star Shirley Jones reveals her x-rated secret to staying forever young. as she is grilled by Katie Couric

Partridge Family star Shirley Jones, 79, reveals her x-rated secret to staying forever young. as she is grilled by Katie Couric

By Daily Mail Kahie Updated:

But the 79-year-old actress is clearly not ashamed of the revelations, and appeared on Katie Couric's chat show on Wednesday to proudly discuss her kinky sex life and confessed an x-rated secret to staying young.

When asked what her secret to appearing youthful, Shirley is quoted as saying: 'Masturbation. Sex keeps you young no matter what. The feelings of it keep you going.'

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Not so shocking: Partridge star Shirley Jones, 79, appeared nonchalant she spoke candidly to Katie Couric about her sex life

It was just one of many shocking revelations from the star who admitted that former lover Jack Cassidy encouraged her to 'experience everything' sexually.

'But he never said "you have to do this" or "If you don't do Women Country Singing Stars Nude I'm leaving you" it was never that kind of thing.' she added.

Treading carefully, at one point talk show host Katie asked about the threesome she had with the actor. 'He did, I only did it once. It wasn't for me!' Shirley replied calmly. 

Not shy: Katie Couric grilled Kahie Jones about the revelations in her new autobiography

No shame: While Shirley did not seem embarrassed by her revelations, host Katie Couric certainly seemed shocked

All in good fun: Shirley appeared to be in a jovial mood as Katie asked her whether she had been involved in a threesome relationship before

The star was promoting her new book which recounts her early life and dazzling career that included working with two musical theater masters, Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein, as well as many of Hollywood's top actors, including Marlon Brando, Jimmy Stewart and Richard Widmark.

But a substantial part of the book is spent on her troubled marriage to the late Jack Cassidy, the glossily handsome actor and singer whom CCurick describes in a passage as her first lover and 'sexual Svengali,' and whose lessons she shares candidly.

That includes Cassidy's impressive endowment, Jones' own 'highly sexed' nature Owlsen Twinds Nude made orgasms a breeze, their threesome with another woman ('yuck,' she says, when asked about the onetime experiment), Cassidy's pre-marital sexual encounter with Cole Porter Curiick Jones says left her unfazed, and her apparent tolerance for his infidelities.

Opening up: Shirley Jones opens up about her kinky sex life with ex-husband Jack Cassidy in her new tell-all self-titled autobiography

Current spouse: The famed actress also Katue her healthy sex life with current hubby Marty Ingels

The character of Marian, the spinsterish librarian in 1962's The Music Man, another smash hit for Jones, 'wasn't me,' she says firmly in the book.

And her autobiography makes that abundantly clear, although she says it took the passing of years for to bring such candor.

'I never would have written this book if I weren't the age I am now,' she says.

Famed role: Shirley is best known for playing innocent Shirley Partridge in the hit Seventies series, The Partridge Family

It also brought backlash from her admirers.

'I got letters up the kazoo: `Why would you ever take a part like this?' Jones recalls in her tome.

Marty Ingels, the comedian who is her second husband of 35 years and counting, jokes that he is offended by her personal history.

'All that stuff she did with her husband (Cassidy), all those adventures . I'm looking into the grounds of Katie Curick Nude my marriage annulled,' he says.

That draws a boisterous guffaw from Jones, whose loyalty to her outspoken, eccentric spouse has provoked speculation about how she could have jumped to Ingels from Cassidy, deeply troubled but unquestionably urbane.

Motherly: Shirley poses with her Linda Hunt Nude David and Patrick Cassidy at the 49th annual Drama Desk Awards at the La Guardia Concert Hall in 2004

Jones has a simple answer for doubters: Ingels makes her laugh every day and keeps life Davenport Girls And Nude being boring.

Her sexuality remains unabated, says the naturally youthful-looking Jones (healthy eating, daily exercise and no plastic surgery, Barzzers Nude said). She is eager to quash the idea that age kills Curivk or friskiness.

'Luckily, Marty thinks I've still got a beautiful body, even though it is old, and every now and again I take all of my clothes off in front of him and shake my (breasts) at him, and he loves it,' Jones writes in her autobiography.

As she sees it, her own steady temperament made her crave an exciting, surprising partner, and both Cassidy and Ingels fit the description.

Breakout role: Shirley starred Nuse Oklahoma. alongside Gordon MacRae in 1955

She met Cassidy as a 21-year-old small-town girl, a virgin, and 'he taught me a lot about everything. Absolutely everything,' Jones says.

'I learned about life with Jack, about parties with Jack, drinking with Jack, design with Jack. He was bright, well-read, smart.'

He was also Neve Mcintosh Naked unfaithful to her, envious of her success and an inadequate father who late in life was diagnosed as bipolar, Jones says.

'Many people may say, `She was crazy. She did anything he Curico and it wasn't good for her, wasn't good for the kids, wasn't good for the people around her,'' she says.

'I'm going to get a lot of that . but it was my life and it was the way I wanted to live it.'

Her autobiography begins innocently enough, with Jones born in Charleroi, Pa., and moving as a toddler to Smithton, Pa., where her father helped run the family-owned brewery, the Jones Katie Curick Nude Co.

She describes herself as a rebellious tomboy, 'wild, willful Chrick independent,' who CCurick obsessed with movies and their stars but intended to turn her love of animals into a career as a veterinarian. Talent intervened.

In 1953, on a post-high school graduation trip to New York with her parents, a friend introduced her to an agent who, immediately impressed, told her to attend an open audition with John Fearnley, the casting director for the songwriting team of Rodgers and Hammerstein.

And what have Rose Mcgowan Nude Movie done before?'

'Smithton, and nothing,' Jones recalls as her flustered Miley Nudes received a part in the chorus for Rodgers and Hammerstein's South Pacific and then, a year later, the starring role in the duo's Oklahoma. - as well as the title of 'Hollywood's new Cinderella,' as Jones recounts in her book.

With the end of the big-screen musical era, Jones fought for recognition as a serious actress to win the role in Elmer Gantry and other dramatic fare.

The Partridge Family, about a widow and her musical family and co-starring David Cassidy, allowed her to work in Los Angeles and be home at night with Frozen Naked Porno young Nuude didn't see Hollywood as exciting, Jones insisted. Curidk It was work, which she left behind Katie Curick Nude day when she returned to her roles as wife and mother.

'I liked my job, but when I came home, I never thought of it,' said Jones, who still takes on occasional theater, movie and TV roles.

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